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Acne Treatment with Isolaz

Isolaz® is a unique acne therapy that combines the power of vacuum, the proven benefits of broadband light and enhanced topical application to fight the root causes of acne. The Isolaz system not only cleanses and purifies your pores, but also provides Profusion technology to replenish the skin, enhancing the application of topical products to improve overall treatment results.

Clinical studies by leading dermatologists have proven the effectiveness of Isolaz to treat acne.

  • • Immediate results within 24–48 hours, including reduced redness, clearing of skin discoloration and immediate drying/ flattening of the blemish.
  • • Significant decrease in number of acne lesions (spots, pimples, pustules) and a decrease in the amount of oil production.

Isolaz 2

Further Enhancing Non-Systemic Acne Treatments

Optimized for acne therapy with clinically proven pre-programmed treatment settings, Easy to use finger tip selection on the handpiece allows you to select the appropriate treatment settings and Interchangeable lamps deliver specific power for individual skin types, expanding treatment possibilities and enhancing patient safety.

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  • Before and After 4 Sessions
    Courtesy of Komaki Tadashi, M.D.

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  • Before and After 6 Sessions
    Courtesy of Suzanne Slader, RN, Palo Alto, CA

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